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@eamoss wrote:

The new ‘The Marshes’ shopping centre opened today disappointed not all shops were open but it is very nice and its very big.

Irish Times Article on the new Shopping Centre opening here.

I’ve been hearing so much of this centre. In terms of build, from what I’ve seen, it seems to possess a very high standard of material finish. In terms of design, the interior format seems of good quality also – and though I know externally it will made contemporary advocates shudder – I think in its context, it possesses a more ‘timeless’ quality as oppose to an elaborate glass and zinc clad frontage. It makes an interesting change – mock period or not.

Having said that, as the article mentions above – where does this leave LongWalk? I remember attending the opening day about 8-years ago and the hype that filled the town. Talks were foretelling the closure of the original Dundalk S.C. on the Dublin Road – now it would seem as though The Marshes is piercing another nail into the coffin of LongWalk as Dundalk S.C. prospects redevelopment. I am curious on the logic of local planners regarding the retail environment of Dundalk – what is their strategic objective? :confused:

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