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Originally posted by Paul Clerkin
manys the evening, i topped of my beer with a bif fry at midnight there….

Yeah, they just started closing earlier & earlier, first 10pm then 8pm.

folks tell me that, in the 60s & 70s, the whiff of coffee on the street walking by the Westmorland & Graft St. branches would knock you out & their cakes were extremely fine – & the quality nosedived when campbells catering took over.

Still, there’s a current planning application in (ref. 4445/04) to expand the Bewley’s Hotel on Fleet St/ Westmoreland St into the foreign language school on the upper floors of the Cafe on Westm. St (including the “replacement of period windows to front facade at 10,11 & 12 Westm. St.” (graham!)) which the architects brazil lohan say in their covering letter “forms part of the masterplan for the whole site which is currently being prepared for planning application”.


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