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I stood in O’Connell street last week and could not get over the vast width of the street which is now much more pronounced since the trees were removed.

It really is taking on a new lease of life and all for the better. It is going to work wonders for the street in general.

But compare it to the nations 2nd city, Cork.. a recent major reworking of the paving around Patricks Street is following a similar approach to making it more open and has made some improvements.. so far so good.

Cork has a lot more of its original shop facades preserved.. thats a hugh advantage over O’Connell Street.. but rather than give an unobstructed vew of these.. some gobshite had to spoil it all.. they put up those stupid street lights that look like props from Close Encounters…I’m surprised they didn’t set them in milk crates or put them on wheels.

So be damn glad, O’Connell St. is looking the way it is.. because it shows one thing.. someone in city hall has their head screwed on.

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