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Originally posted by burge_eye
This developer should be declared ‘A bad developer’ under the 2000 Local Government (Planning & Development) Act, be fined the maximum financial penalty and be so excluded from all beneficial designation by revenue commissioners for current and future schemes. Jail would be too short term for this punter. [/QUOTE

Who is he? [/B]

As Treacy is a common name I can’t be sure that the details below relate to the same Eric Treacy but a google search reveals that

An Eric Treacy is an avid Golfer who won the Captains/Presidents prize at Lee Valley Golf Club in 1998.

An Eric Treacy is the principal of the Westimer Restaurant in South Mall Cork.

Discreet enquiries in the Dublin property World all led to the same conclusion he is completely annonomous. Although I’m sure Lexington knows him.

Such an act of Wanton destruction

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