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@Morlan wrote:

What’s happening with 35/35a Barrow St. ?

The highrise is over the top and I can’t see it ever being built here. I’d have to say though, I’m so anxious for anything skyscraperish they should go ahead with it!

There’s the ugly bugger! This is Candourity Ltd (Treasury Holdings) 32-storey plan for Barrow Street design by Reddy Associates. It’s a hideous scheme – the worst of Benidorm!

Morlan – I can’t understand that logic, are you so anxious for a ‘skyscraperish’ structure, as you put it, that you’d be willing to compromise the long-term quality of the city’s skyline??? :confused:

This is the sort of building people will look back on and say “What were we thinking?” I get anxious myself regarding developments in Cork, and am fully supportive and enthusiastic for high-rise plans there – but were this proposed for the city, irrespective of its height, location, usage etc – I would not be happy about seeing this one get the go-ahead. The location in this instance is good, and I don’t have a problem with it’s scale – but look at it! As I’ve said before, Dublin can do better. Are Treasury hoping the current enthusiasm for high-rise will sweep away the sense of planners and aid them in greenlighting this 2nd rate scheme???

(No offence meant either Morlan – just curious. 😮 )

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