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Being a regular victim of the vagaries of the planning laws on the one hand I am pleased that the Minister of Justice feels agrieved by the subjective nature of their implementation.

On the other hand, I am incensed that once again another senior political figure feels comfortable dispensing with the services of architects when building in what sounds like a highly scenic area.

What really surprises me is that no newspaper has managed to acquire an image of the original permitted development, as given that Griffner Coillte did not exist in 1999 I doubt very much that the design of the original house had quite the same Alpine kit-house leanings…

Should the Minister be obliged to submit a new planning application, and he should!!!, quite apart from the inappropriateness of the design, his neighbours should object on the basis that having him as a neighour detracts from the amenity of the area and could be injurious to the values of their property…

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