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One of the finest streetsapes in the city is Westland Row – in a way I like the effect Trinity’s ownership has on that terrace in that they all still look like private houses – the doors are always closed and there isn’t a brass business plaque at every entrance etc.

Good to see the large red-brick Georgian across the road has been restored recently, it is unbelievable the difference in appearance, and the contribution it now makes to the street.
At night there’s a magnificent view of the Adam plasterwork of its drawing room ceiling lit up, through the 4 tall arched windows. Unusual detail in these widows too. Also, two neighbouring Georgians have at last got a much needed coat of paint and look very well too.

Some improved paving and lighting would help in contributing to the turnaround in fortunes this street has been experiencing recently, what with Trinity’s (overall) decent job on its stock and various other retail and restoration developments.
Next on the list is the removal of some of the worst PVC windows I’ve seen in that Victorian (convent?) close to Pearse.
Also, the unusual Victorians on the corner with Merrion St need work.

I’d forgotton about those Turkish Baths, just imagine if that dome was still there today – of course then we’d just take it for granted.
Any connection with the cafe that used to be there being called the Taj Mahal? The cafe of ‘Where is the Taj Mahal – opposite the Dental Hospital’ fame 🙂

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