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I took this picture of no. 6 Upr. Ormond Quay (the late-17th cen. house with later brickwork) in 2000. You can see one bay of the Ormond Hotel on the left. You can’t see them very well, but those windows are the 1-over-1 paned timber sashes, before the silly PVC insertion of 2002. You can also see that the hotel had a tasteful paint job, before the brash bright painting of now.

Who was to know things were soon to take a turn for the worst – first the PVC windows & brash painting and now the demolition order and bad replacement building? Like people have already said, that stretch of quayfront is relatively good & the Ormond is sited in the middle of a decent terrace of old stock. Since ‘Sin E’ pub was restored, including the replacement of its PVC windows with nice timber sashes, there is no PVC (other than the Ormond) on that entire block between Capel Street and Arran Street (see photos posted by Graham earlier), which is unusual for an area outside the Georgian squares. The Ormond should have been restored! – with a discreet extra floor if necessary.

Bad decision DCC! Bad decision ABP!

If anyone wants to see the file at DCC planning desk, the Ref. no. is 2342/03. Copies of the appeals & ABP decision should be in the file also.

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