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Originally posted by J. Seerski
A point to note – surely it is not unreasonable to believe that parts of the Ormond predate 1700 – As Ormond Quay was developed during the 1670s-90s? As far as I am aware, a building that can be proved to pre-date 1700 is declared a National Monument – therefore cannot be demolished.

To my knowledge, the Ormond Hotel is a facade retention of 1902; the facades of 5 Georgian buildings were retained & amalgamated for the hotel – see attached pre-1902 picture below – I’ve marked the extent of the current hotel facade. The 3-bay facade at the end may have been rebuilt, as the window levels are different, but I’m fairly sure the four 4-bay ones make up the current hotel facade.

From the picture, these buildings appear to be typical late-18th or early-19th century brick quay houses, like no. 6 Upr. Ormond Qy. which is next door on the east, which you are probably aware is a late-17th cen. house with a 19th cen. brick re-facing. So, right enough, the buildings in the picture may have been much earlier houses with later brick re-facing (cos early brick was very soft & crumbled away etc.). But all that would be left now that is possibly of late-17th cen. date is the core brickwork of the facades behind the outer brick face, which of course was plastered over in turn for the 1902 hotel conversion.

Even though they were demolishing 5 earlier houses, the hotel builders made sure that the facade looked good, with its window architraves & string courses, & was in scale with the rest of the quay as Punchbowl referred to earlier.

Actually, I’ve seen a picture of Upr. Ormond Qy. from roundabout the 1950s – I couldn’t lay my hands on it now – and the hotel has a scroll-y stucco decoration in the centre of the parapet and I think small urns at the extremities – it looked even better! I wish I could think of where it was I saw that photo.

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