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That building is really horrendous, not only the design of it, esp the windows – their style, number and placement, but the fact that it makes no attempt to integrate into the quay and existing stock. It stands purely for its own sake – the very worst kind of architecture for the quays.
And those ledges in the central bay give it a distinct Costa Brava quality that is equally unfortunate.

Single pane sashes seem to be correct alright as the originals – not only are the PVCs inappropriate, so are their design. The Georgian grid is totally unsuited to so many windows. The fact that the window is by far the foremost architectural feature of this building, it is no wonder it now looks so terrible with the new frames.
Hotel and accomodation owners so often replace their windows simply to improve efficency and practicality in the bedrooms, with complete disregard to the building itself – so much better to have shiny PVC with handles, than have customers complaining about rickety old sashes that won’t open or close, or that stick. This is a huge issue around the country – from hotels, to pubs to B&Bs.
Somehow, the easy restoration and maintainace of sashes has to be more widely advertised.

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