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Originally posted by J. Seerski
It is indeed a fitting example of how expendible PVC windows are in this case. They were only installed in 2002 so they were a huge waste of money – pure short-termism (if there is such a word). Can one speculate that if the originals were intact that this may have hampered the planning application to demolish??!

Interesting point J. Seerski – maybe the inverse psychology was applied of having the PVC installed to devalue the building prior to a demolition app.

In case anyone is wondering An Taisce did appeal the demolition. I think there were 3 appeals against its demolition altogether. The An Bord Pleanala inspector agreed that it shouldn’t be demolished because of its contribution to the Quays, but the Bord itself overturned the recommendations of the inspector.

Forgot to mention that Architectural Conservation Areas also protect against demolition of older buildings, so had the Quays been an ACA there would have been a stronger argument for maintaining the Ormond (there’s only one ACA in Dublin so far – the O’Connell St. IAP Area).

The only hope is that if the owners decide not to go ahead with that horrific new building!

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