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The installation of the plastic Georgian windows in the current Ormond Hotel in 2002 highlighted the weakness of the ‘Conservation Area’ designations in the current City Development Plan. They are just an objective for the protection of the character of historic areas – there’s no legislative power like there is with Protected Structures or Architectural Conservation Areas.

An Tais. made a complaint to the Council when the windows were installed but nothing could be done. Nice single-pane sashes dating from the 1902 hotel conversion were removed ‘n all.

The Quays need to be designated an Architectural Conservation Area, as well as several other streets like Capel Street, Thomas Street, Pearse Street and probably Grafton Street, where there’re a lot of nice old buildings but not all would be deserving of Prot. Struc. status; The streetscape and external features of the buildings would then have protection.

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