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Originally posted by Graham Hickey
PVC King – assuming you are someway involved in the PVC or window industry, do you have any problems in replacing original timber frames with PVC in older structures? Where do you stand on this issue, do you ‘draw the line’ anywhere?
Do you or the industry at large specifically inform clients as to the life of the material, either in new build or older structures?

I sell and arrange the fitting of windows, working mostly with local builders and through word of mouth sales as well.
I try to sell timber windows because the margins are much the same so if I sell double glazed hardwood I make a better profit.
I don’t like to see PVC going into old buildings but if I don’t sell them someone else would, it is a competitive patch where I’m from. We generally say that PVC windows will last as long as the other joinery like internal doors and wooden floors.

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