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A surprisingly and unfortunately overlooked building in my view is the magnificent St. Vincent’s Church in Sunday’s Well. Built between 1851 and 1854, the church and monastery officially opened on 24th October 1854.

“The building is a remarkably successful use of a difficult site. The southern aisle of the church (1851) is prolonged into a residential range, three floors high, that turns a right angle before abruptly terminating at the street, making up two sides of a piazza in front of the church. A floor below the level of the piazza a vaulted hall opens directly on to a garden terrace to the south. Above, a pivotal corner turret is corbelled out on a stunted column. Similar stunted columns hold up the arches that divide the flights of the principal staircase.”
– Jeremy Williams, ” A Companion Guide to Architecture in Ireland, 1837-1921″
(Irish Academic Press, Dublin, 1994).

It enjoys a wonderful perspective overlooking the city, notably Fitzgerald’s Park and surrounds, from the sharply steep Northern slopes of the city. It reminds one of some sort of Central European palace bracing Cork’s unique and interesting topography.

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