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@Devin wrote:

They’re on Sheare’s Street. Fenn’s Quay was an old name from when the street was a water course. It was resurrected as the restored terrace were originally quay-houses.

What I’m wondering is why they only received the conservation medal this year when the restoration was completed at least 7 years ago…

Not sure it was 7 years ago – but indeed you are right, Jack Coughlan & Associates were responsible for overseeing their restoration. The interior (especially the upper floors) are just as, if not, more eye-catching than the exterior elevations. If it was 7 years ago – I’m feeling very old. :p

Fenn’s Quay is a beautiful row indeed. Another most interesting row of houses – only recently granted Protected Structure status – are the Wilton Villas along the Glasheen Road (just before the Wilton Roundabout). These most unusual style houses comprise of Munster Limestone blocks, blood-red brick edging and originally (although I do believe the years have seen changes to this) locally sourced slate tiling on the roof-tops. Lovely little row.

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