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But decisive in the of Sean Barratt school of transport economics, i.e. roads, roads and more roads. His first policy speach was directed entirely at regional transport, i.e. giving them a road to Dublin.

It is funny how regional development never involves allowing the regions to participate with each other.
The lack of a train line and a decent road between Cork/Limerick/Shannon/Galway/Sligo is a disgrace, especially as a western corridor would provide an excellent counterpole to Dublin.

As for the underground option in Dublin… should the rest of the country really continue to pay for Dublin’s transport network?
Surely it makes more sense to extend the dart, link up the luas, and increase the number of bus lanes rather than spend billions on the dream of providing Dublin with an underground that it doesn’t need. Manchester and Birmingham are much larger cities and conurbations that survive without an underground.

Have a look at the conservatives hopes for an underground in Birmingham (the greater Brum area has a population in excess of six million people):–name_page.html
Surely this will give you an idea as to the insanity of spending up to 2 billion on such a system for Dublin, a conurbation with at most a population of 1.5 million… where is the sense?

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