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Hmmmm The Reshuffle,

Delighted for Willie O’Dea although there were others more capable he is an honest guy who has consistently worked his arse off.

Dermot Ahern into the Northern Ireland portfolio was another good choice.

Harney for Health; she has got guts

Dick Roche for Environment, I’m happy enough he did a good job on the leg work for the European presidency, he has a good academic background and is clever enough to see through the IRDA.

The article in the Tribune was unfortunate but he did apologise to An Taisce’s Chairman in RTE and even offered to help cleaning the Tailors Hall garden ‘some Saturday’ with us. Interestingly the context was planning irregularities in the ‘Garden of Ireland’ and he certainly has his work cut out for him.

Contrary to many peoples perception An Taisce has traditionally had a positive relationship with past Ministers for Environment & Local Government. FF’s Blaney gave proscribed status to the Trust in 1963. The 1976 act gave further status and Dempsey was a great minister from a heritage point of view.

Cullen was very much the exception to the rule and quite frankly electronic voting really sums the guy up. He has a unique ability not to listen to what is being discussed but rather ‘Bluster’ his way through disscussions.

I am seriously worried about Transport, I have every confidence that there will be a dual carriageway to Waterford long before any start has been made on integrating Dublins disjointed and isolated rail networkS.

I welcome Roche’s appointment.

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