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whats the point of connecting the dots really? This whole project has cost far too much in terms of time and money. What has been the end result of LUAS to date? After countless ammedments, half measures, and incompetence…sadly no real long term solutions.

According to the material available on and the next step is to build the interconnector which would link subarban/DART lines to St.Stephens Green and in turn to Heusten Station, thus linking the LUAS lines far more effectively.

I believe it was Minister Brennan who admitted that LUAS is just a short-term measure to compliment future transportation initiatives. After the failure of LUAS so far, and going by the madness at Red Cow on the Red lines launch today (3 minutes to cross), perhaps LUAS should be laid asside for more radical solutions ~ ie: green flag for the interconnector ( to fully intergrate all modes within the Dublin area.

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