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Very difficult to cart sideboards down pedestrianised streets!

I agree about leaving Capel St alone, whereas ped streets are appealing, at the end of the day the road has played an integral part in urban centres for centuries. I think the problem is the sheer volume of traffic using these streets, rather than the very idea of traffic in these locations. Improved pedestrian priority and better pavements etc can make a world of difference alone.

‘Planning for the coffee drinker’ – heh heh, good one Phil. I agree about such places taking over in some areas, but they can certainly help turn streets around, places like, oh I don’t know – O’Connell St 😉 But there’s nothing like a decent row of traditional shops without chrome-mania outside the door – now stacks of chippendales and fire surrounds, that’s a different story 🙂

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