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Originally posted by Diaspora

I don’t know why you turn right from Bachelors Walk to go South, the route of those who wish to avoid traffic has always been to continue along the Quays to Matt Talbot Bridge, turn right, turn left onto City Quay, Turn Right onto Lombard St East, left from Westland Row onto Fenian St before turning Right onto Merrion St with all Southside routes open from there minus the traffic.

I have no sympathy for anyone who turns right onto Tara St or breaks the rule going West from Pearse St, you obviously haven’t a clue how to get around this City.

Diaspora, you are obviously either a taxi driver, a cyclist or have a job that allows you to commute at 10am or 3pm. What is clear, from your recent diatribe on the “look at the state of cork” thread, is that you resort to cheap abuse whenever people don’t see things your way. I have a bicycle and I dice with death whenever possible but I live in Crumlin, work on Pearse St and have to go to site most days. I, therefore, spend a great deal of time driving around this city and I tell you what pal – I know the quickest way to get to work / get home.

I think this thread has turned into a Dublin A-Z simply because the whole idea of widening the footpath has been exhausted. Getting a better view of Trinity is obviously your cause celebre. Good luck.

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