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Originally posted by burge_eye
It would seem that the only way to acheive the ideal is to build an underpass.

I disagree,

It is possible to acheive a much better public space at College Green without either fully pedestrianising it or building underpasses. The following arrangement would work:

1. Leave College St as it is but have reduced its traffic load by banning the right turn from Bachelors Walk onto O’Connell Bridge and Banning the left turn from Burgh Quay onto D’olier St.

Allow this reduced traffic flow to continue to the base of Grafton St before turning left onto Nassau St thus eliminating the need to change Peasrse St which incidently hasn’t flowed freely since the Luas interfered with Beresford Place.

2. Reduce College Green and Dame St (to City Hall) to one lane in either direction; exclusively reserved for Buses, Taxis, Motorbikes and Bicycles.

3. All Bus stops would be eliminated from the above section with seperated laned bus stops on Westmoreland St, Sth Gt Georges St and Lord Edward St.

4. (Dame Court and) Dame Lane be reopened to traffic to allow access to the Trinity St Car Park via Exchequer St.

5. The taxi rank on College Green be moved to Cope St where taxis could wind their away around the back and sides of the Central Bank as far Blooms Hotel.

The way that the Central Plaza section of O’Connell St works is a pardigm in itself, well done to all concerned in its design if not its execution.

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