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With 2,194 members archiseek is without question the only real online resource of any note in the urban design and architecture field. In my opinion it is the best resource in the entire area of built environment and as a frequent visitor to this board I feel that this site is moderated and supervised without favour to anyone or group.

To blame architects for the worst excesses in planning is ludicrous, as Tony Reddy the President of the RIAI has said “(he) is unable to process 88% of complaints to his professional body”

The reason being that all of these projects have had no input by a qualified architect, I am also sure that of the remaining 12% the vast bulk of the complaints would relate to project management issues and other financial issues as opposed to matters concerning urban design or planning.

The definitive ruling is Childs vs Wicklow Co Co supreme court 1992 the responsibilities of a County Manager are to the proper planning and development of the area.

Section 140s and dissmissal of professional reports paid for by the taxpayer are not an acceptable situation.

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