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Took a walk past it today, it is still closed, put I saw carpets being laid so it shouldn’t be too long now

As for abercrombie, if he was still around Dublin would stretch from Leterkenny to Rosslare

Quote “
Density Zoning


We propose normal densities of 4, 6, 8, 12 to the acre. Experience indicates that six to the acre is the most satisfactory density for good class development in an inner suburban area. Four to the acre should be the maximum in a high-class suburban area of an outlying or special character such as the neighbourhood of Killiney and Ballybrack. Twelve to the acre is the highest density which we would recommend, with the reservation which we have already made, under Section 4, as to working class houses which, in special cases, might be allowed up to 16 to the acre net, i.e., deducting the roads and local playgrounds from the gross area of the site. In our zoning plan we have not attempted sub-division of these varying densities which must be worked out in detail at a later stage. “
end Quote

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