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Oh, and before I forget, this is significant Yee Haw, I think looking at it from a non Irish perspective.

When our neighbour received full planning permission, having been in discussion with An Taisce for two years and made concessions and cut his scheme in half, having been knocked back already over the retention of Teeling House our client has a choice either to forget it and ditch two years of work or re submit our scheme this time with Teeling House retained.

Our client has already spent a considerable amount of money (and I have spent half my life seems like stuck behind a feckin tractor driving from Belfast to Sligo) but decides to re submit, I mean everything looks positive, as far as he and we can tell.

However, the neighbouring developer gets the most critical rejection from an appeal body that I have ever read and officially listed are only two objectors to his scheme , one is a local man whose house will be effected and the other is An Taisce.

It’s like the twilight zone.

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