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now, i’m not going to say much as i am well loved by these ‘defenders of our quality of life’….ha,ha…

Originally posted by Devin
Nobody is saying commercial development is not legitimate, and that is the no. 1 myth about heritage organisations (that they are against development). On the contrary most want to see excellent development that benefits the environment & soceity. Sadly there’s only a tiny minority of that in Ireland – & most of it is featured in the pages of the yearly architectural awards journals.

so anything not on the awards list is shit and therefore shouldn’t be allowed…. WHAT!!!!! jesus man, do u actually believe the bollox u are talking.

Originally posted by Devin

As far as I remember, the An Taisce spokesperson – quoted in the paper at the time your development was refused – acknowledged that you had done good work in Scotland and elsewhere, and made it clear that this was not about architecture or development per se, but that the proposal was out of scale for a historically sensitive area of Sligo Town.

ha,ha…enough said…u crack me up devin..u truly do…

Originally posted by Devin

You are throwing up details here in support of your development such as: “we were depending on the adjoining development to make a connection through from one side of the town to the other and new wynd and pedestrian walkway ……….the link has been lost and now both projects have been scuppered”. What is anybody supposed to make of that who hasn’t analysed the relative planning applications, doesn’t know the site or doesn’t even know Sligo town?

i think alan didn’t quite put it strong enough…read and understand before u comment….

Originally posted by Devin

I would love to see GM & AD do something in this town, and I hope something can be worked out for that site eventually.

i must say, nicely sucked up there….u must want to become a politician…VOTE FOR DEVIN!!! ha,ha….

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