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I think some of what you’re saying Murpho is probably outside of architecture but in general I agree, The level of self criticism in Ireland is staggering … people have very short memories, a lot has changed in 10 years.

Just going to throw this out for pig iron, who is to say that An Taisce, archiseek contributors and other interested parties are right, and know good architecture and planning. In general I would agree with the criticism of architecture on this site but did you ever notice down the country, its people who are not native to the area that are most vocal on conservation, planning and issues related to design of houses, buildings and landscape.

Recently, I have been involved in work in Glendalough. I have seen locals white-wash and plaster over stone walls, paint their houses bright yellow and use copius amount of balustrades – all these things I think are awful, but I’m from Dublin.

When you’ve been looking at stone cottages, country lanes all your life, maybe its not as spectacular or wonderful to you; its natural that you might want to create a break from the ordinary. We are the so-called enlightened, nobody ever gives out about bringing the countryside in to the city; for example, landsaping around Citywest, the garden beside High Street church.

How many times have you been given directions to a country location and be told to turn left or right at the yellow house with the balustrades ! ? Kitch & twee cottages are often put on postcards.

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