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As someone who has posted many opinions both good and bad about buildings, infrastructure and groups of people, I absolutely reject the assertion that this forum is made up of whingers and cynics.

In life it is only through discussion can a consensus emerge, it is also very interesting to see particular perspectives of particuler contributors to various projects.

I wish this site existed with its current quantity of information when I was studying, as it would have saved my endless nights chasing info.

As for a top ten of things that have contributed most of them have little to do with architecture as the ever increasing design quality required has more to do with the general economy.

To list the Luas as an acheivement is a bit of a joke really, I am still waiting to fix a time with Peter to have breakfast at the Red Cow park and Ride facility.

Things are changing with a single contract about to be put to tender for a motorway between Galway and Ballinasloe, but to not complain about 8kms bypasses would be burying the head in the sand.

Architectural design standards are only higher today because people complained about the crap that people were permitted to build. Never forget it is cheaper to build crap than quality as you can design it yourself and pay cowboys to throw it up.

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