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This side of the station is a mess as it is without this clunky cluttered addition. It doesn’t integrate into the area, and less still to the station. An opportunity lost, following in the footsteps of the terminal. Those sail yokes have a tendancy to get very grubby if not maintained too, so going by IE’s record they may end up looking even worse.
And just on this part of Connolly, think someone’s said it before but the 90s grey block that attaches itself to the right-hand side of the 1840s facade has to be the most insensitive not to mention ugliest and grottiest addition to any old building in the city. It is a disgrace, esp when seen from the ped crossing at Talbot St.
And the old facade is still in dire need of a proper restoration, perhaps it will be carried out with this project or soon after.

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