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Ah there’s some truth in stereotypes…..we may complain about our stage Oirish potrayal in films, books, music etc…whether it be The Commitments, Father Ted, Ballykissangel, etc…. (As Jasus, we’re not like bleedin’ dat ) but when it all boils down, it is probably how we generally appear to the rest of the world…ie Dana, Jackie Healy Rae, Bertie Ahern, Colin Farrell etc……
(Anyone see Hector last night interviewing Bertie Ahern. Hector came across as an irritating culchie gombeen, even more so when in Paris, whilst our Taoiseach came across as the stuttering dithering Dub he is)…… Ah sure it was great craic!
Hop on a 78A bus and ye’ll know what I mean.

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