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Paul Clerkin


On a very wet Saturday 18th September, while mooching about the stalls of the Dublin Food Co-op, who did we bump into but our old acquaintance Eamon Ansbro of PEIR (Programme for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research), oft mentioned, if not criticised in this publication. We had an affable enough discourse, even though he did reassure me that there was an awful lot more to the ‘Alien Embryo’ story than meets the eye. Quite.

He was flogging a new 30-page booklet, *Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Reality*, co-written with his wife, Catherine. It seems to be a form of concise autobiography, illustrating, as Eamon told us, where he’s ‘coming from’ his background in meteorology and astronomy, and how he got involved in the whole UFO thing. In essence, it tells us where he *came from*, but not really where he’s *coming from*, going no further to explain the leaps of logic that we notice in many extraterrestrial claims, and thus leaving us none the wiser. In fact, Eamon told us that the Roy Dutton’s ‘Astronautical Theory’ is so complicated that he’s not surprised that others don’t understand it.

Astronautical Theory is the methodology used by Ansbro, and others, to ‘predict’ UFO appearances along ‘flight paths’ criss-crossing the Earth’s surface. Part 2 of *Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Reality*, however, seems to cover new ground. Written by Catherine Ansbro – an acupuncturist, and Zero balancer – and titled *Relationship with Extraterrestrial Intelligence – A Healthy Foundation*, a short treatise on physical, environmental and spiritual well-being, an interesting departure from traditional ufology. We’ve got to admit, we did a bit of head-scratching over this bit, never before having come across ufological documentation which advises the reader on health and nutrition.

To purchase a copy of *Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Reality* (we paid the princely sum of IEP£3.00), write to:

P.O. Box 6284
Dublin 3

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