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Yes it can still be refused by Bord Pleanala after the Dev Plan alteration. It’s just a case of the Bord having the balls to refuse it.

The rezoning just shows you how rife political influence still is in planning. Mansfield is incredibly well-connected (note the only photo available of him for a while was with Leinster House in the background). I’m not blowing An Taisce’s trumpet here but if Ian L. hadn’t made that Article 35 appeal, the Conference centre would be built now & would be creating a car-dependent mess, contributing to the U.S. style edge-city that Dublin is becoming. The government are just not interested in intervening in issues of major planing & development affecting the country like this. And of course the building would be mock-Palladian rubbish.

Nothing against Saggart, but it’s not the place for a National Conference Centre.

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