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Totally agreed Sean about the need for investment in sport in the provinces, and I don’t just mean Cork, Galway and Limerick.
If we want to win at the olympics we’re going have to spend the money on youth, and make sure that the facilities are also there for teens. In fact we are an outstanding nation for underage athletes/sportspeople, but that success hasn’t been see at senior level, and we all know that this has as much to do with lack of infrastructure (coaching systems more so than physical infrastructure) as well as the good old Irish curse (cure).

Thank Christ we have the comedy of you’re a star to protect us from hosting the eurovision ever again 🙂

Millstreet… what a tragic location for anything, but the guy has shown there is a market outside of Dublin for a whole variety of productions from sport to theatre.

Originally posted by GregF
Well done Mickeydocs & Co….well how about the Eurovision then….for Millstreet of course again?

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