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That is a very good point Greg,

The ‘Brethern’ picketted an Ulster rugby match earlier in the year because it was held on a Sunday. 30,000 people (mostly moderate unionists) passed the picket and Ulster beat Leiceter or Northhampton 32-0.

I think a joint sporting event would be great possibly the Next Rugby World Cup pencilled in for the Northern Hemisphere along the lines of the Irish-Scottish bid, it might even get the GAA on board as they perceive rugby as a much smaller threat than Soccer.

But the Olympics is well beyond Irelands combined financial clout, if you look at the populations of previous games

Moscow 5m +
LA 5m +
Seoul 5m +
Barcelona 3m +
Atlanta 8m +
Sydney 3m +

Athens the home of the Olympics and should have hosted the Millenium games

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