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The Bridgefoot Street dual carriageway should be narrowed. The side running down towards the Liffey doesn’t actually go anywhere and the other two lanes are just left and right filters for Thomas Street. You can see very clearly how there was a semblance of a plan for it to be a busy orbital route but it never happened.
I think the damage of the 1960s road plans can be seen clearly in places like Glasgow and Birmingham. And you’re all right about the finance issue – it was there but for the grace of God go us, it was the luckiest poverty we will ever endure.
Also I think that what’s called the HARP area, which includes Queen Street, Church Street, Brunswick Street, Nth King St, Smithfield and so on is really beginning to progress well. This was a non-area in the late 1980s and I think you can see it coming together now.

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