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Funny I was about to say it should be spelled lois but I see there are lots of variations … lios … lis… used as a prefix sometimes in modern placenames… meaning a fort .. generally of residence that can date from bronze age to iron age or later… the ones that would have had use up to recent times would have had churches and graveyards in them. The early christians appropriated the same forts that their countrymen would have used… secular uses overlapping with the religious use of the site.
Does it have any signs of building (church) on it? Sometimes you will find a church with a small graveyard … but you can count on it that the actual burial area including unbaptised babies etc was far bigger… or a specific area outside the main enclosure.
There are lots of books that would have info on this type of structure… Try “Pre Christian Ireland” by Peter Harbison Thames and Hudson for some general info.. good read too. Also most Counties have an Archeological inventory published or in production… you could have a look in the local library for that ….

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