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Very much so,

It is time the local authorities got off the fence and have their city architects state what buildings they would like to see revamped.

Given the way buildings were designed in the 1960’s there is plenty of scope for developers to prosper greatly from this due to the amount of land often wasted on surface carparking.

The example of Liffey House on Tara St illustrates my point perfectly, it doubled its site coverage added a couple of floors i.e 140% additional floorspace and now it is a posative contribution to the Built Environment.

Personally I would like to see the entire Block of

Tara St
Poolbeg St
Hawkins St
Townsend St

Redeveloped in a unified proposal, it would eliminate

Appollo House
Hawkins House
College House
Screen Cinema
Long Stone Bar

Nothing could look worse than the combination of the above

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