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Originally published by News International
But the council insists it’s in the business of resuscitation, “reclaiming a part of the city that’s been dead and unknown,” according to Jim Barrett, city architect.

I lived in the Old Distillery for a year and the phrase dead and unknown really stands up once you turn off Capel St. It is a pity because it is such a central location to have a void.

Although similarly to Temple bar pre 1991 there are a lot of fine old buildings suitable for renovation.

Any flagship project in this area is to be welcomed, as Temple Bar displayed a few flagship restorations can lead to some really good contemporary buildings following up.

The exit of Fruit and Veg wholesalers to an edge city location is also to be welcomed as it will reduce HGV traffic and free up space for higher end uses 😀

A closer look at the plans will be very interesting

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