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Hi all,

just a quick mail to report back on the progress of the campaign to get Beamish to do something about the appalling state of their Head Office in Cork. Doing a web search on Google now for the term Beamish and Crawford – the Beamish site comes up at no. 3! It comes up at no. 4 on Dogpile, no. 6 on Yahoo and no. 9 on

This is an amazing result – thanks to everyone who has helped to make this happen – a few more links and we’ll make no. 1.

I also found an interesting report on the website of Scottish & Newcastle (the owners of Beamish and Crawford plc) – it is called Full Principles and Values Report (available at where it says Scottish & Newcastle “are also fully aware of our responsibilities to the environment and the community”. I sent them an email to asking them how they square this report with the pictures of the Beamish Head Office on the site.

I await their reply with interest!



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