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Originally posted by anto
so does Cork still need such a website? Things have improved in the meantime?

Some things have improved Anto – a lot of the potholes have gone (many of the roads have been re-surfaced) but the streets are still a mess. The main street has been completely re-surfaced as well. New paving and a new road layout have improved it to a certain extent, however the new paving has, in many places, been layed carelessly. Gaps in between the cut stone paving have been filled with tarmac! And the paving is not being maintained so already it is stained with chewing gum, and drink stains – in many European cities paving like this is maintained by power washing it nightly – this is not being done in Cork so it is deteriorating rapidly.

So, in short, to answer your question Anto, a site like is still needed despite some improvements in the city.


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