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The situation isn’t exactly clear cut here but I see your point alright Diaspora. This entire facade’s window stock is made up of a particularly nasty variety of replacement steel window which appear to have been put in in the 50s, and make the building look like a Russian mental asylum.
What’s happened is that rather than replacing the tens and tens of frames with original sashes, the deteriorated opening parts of a few have been replaced with PVC parts – attached to the steel frames – which makes such a mess it has to be seen to be believed. I didn’t think it was even possible to do that – unfortunately it is.

Saying that, the PVC appears to be quite a few years old – if it makes it that bit more excusable. But still, especially considering the new Luas stop and regeneration of the immediate area, not to mention the beautiful architecture here, there is no excuse now for wooden sashes not to go back in.
The neighbouring rear of the Four Courts looks fantastic with its sombre brown sashes and rustic granite. Some of its windows even have some shimmering cylinder sheet glass intact.

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