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If a building is protected, does the local authority have an obligation to insist on the removal of old replacement windows, similar to an ACA in the case of the owner applying for pp for other works as Devin mentioned earlier?
Also, if a building is listed, and original sashes are removed subsequent to its listing, are the local authority obliged to enforce their reinstatement – or is it up to the planners/conservation officer as to whether they’ll allow them?

I can think of many such cases where I think the buildings are listed, but PVCs are installed. And these would be properties that have applied for pp so the PVCs were part of the job.
The windows are so inappropriate, on a unique street, and it is disgraceful PVCs were allowed to be put in. And they’re sweeping up the place like a cancer. I’d like to follow it up because it just can’t continue, it’s been said by other people too which surprised me – but I don’t know where I stand if they are listed.
As far as I know I remember seeing them identified in the Development Plan.

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