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I wouldn’t agree with Kevin Myers on much, but he wrote a very funny ‘Irishman’s Diary’ a while back, saying that PVC window fitters attend special de-sensitivity courses before going on to fit PVC.

I think the reporter who wrote that piece quoted by Jas (it doesn’t say which paper) was tarting up the quotes from an taisce a bit; after years of lobbying by people like an taisc & the irish georgian soceity there’s already a system in place (the Planning and Development Act 2000) to ensure that, over time, listed buildings with PVC or other replacement windows are refitted with the correct design (usually sliding sash).

When the owner of a Protected Structure or building in an Architectural Conservation Area (ACA) (Planning Authorities have been dreadfully slow to designate ACAs – as far as I know the O’Connell Street IAP area is still the only one in the republic) with replacement windows applies for planning permission for any work – such as an extension to the rear – the planning permission, if given, should include a condition that ‘prior to commencement of the development, the applicant shall submit a written agreement to the planning authority for the restoration of the original window design’.

But in the Dublin area, I’ve noticed, people usually want to do that anyway. In places like Ranelagh and Clontarf, they’re removing PVC and reinstating sashes like crazy!

Hate to say it but outside of Dublin beautiful old overhanging sash windows are still being replaced by flat shiny white PVC on a daily basis. It just kills the character of the building in one fell swoop.

Some towns, like Kilkenny and Drogheda still have a good half or more of sash windows in their old buildings, but sadly most towns – Kenmare, Longford, Strokestown, Castlebar, Thurles… – have been blitzed with PVC and the wooden sash is almost extinct.

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