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For an comparative analysis o fthe window situation look at:

The lifespan is especially interesting.

Or in plainer English have a look at:

The other point about PVC windows is that although they are recyclable, they are never recycled.

Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing 18th century timber windows being replaced by PVC frames but there is a critical issue of environmental responsiblity which goes beyond conservation and imposes a responsibility on all of us to find out the facts – as opposed to the hearsay or industry propaganda.

Finally – to end the self-righteous rant – I was once giving some architectural help to friends who had just bought a house. The house was 1960s and they wanted to replace the windows. I lobbied long and hard for timber. A couple of months later I got a call to visit and see how the work had turned out – especially the windows. When I got there they were delighted to show me that my advice had been taken and the best thing had been done with the windows – timber effect PVC.

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