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Reopening of the Newly Redeveloped Pearse Street Library

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Dermot Lacey today officially opened the refurbished and extended Dublin City Library & Archive on Pearse Street,
which includes a new public library. Dublin City Council has spent the last two years restoring the historic sandstone and limestone façade and the interior of the 1909 building and extending it. …

….The refurbished and extended Dublin City Library & Archive was designed in-house by the City Architect’s department, to a brief prepared by the City Libraries and Archives management team. Funding of €9 million euro came from Dublin City Council and the Department of the Environment & Local Government. The refurbishment maintained the architectural integrity of the original intact main building and matched appropriate uses to these spaces, while redeveloping the remaining rear section to cater for the more functionally demanding uses.

According to Bernard Grimes, Architects Department, Dublin City Council, the combination of restoration and new build, each clearly defined, complementing and contrasting one to the other is felt to have provided the optimum solution to the complex requirements of brief and site. “It retains, conserves and reinstates the principal historical and architectural features, secures their future and celebrates their unique value, making them accessible to the public, while providing modern, efficient repository systems and research facilities and a fitting Headquarters for the City’s Library Service”, he says.”

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