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What software do you want to run? Ask that question first!
I have a G5 and a Dell M60 and both are perfectly good machines.

But you really should say what software you want to run first… some work perfectly on both, some work only on one platform, some modelling programs work better on PC (high end graphics cards and better interoperability).

Are you using conceptual packages (SketchUp? Achitectural Studio?)
Drafting? (AutoCad? Vectorworks?)
BIM?(ArchiCad? Revit?)
Presentation?(Max?, Maya?, Lightwave?, Cinema 4D?)

If you’re happy that all the software you will want for the course of your studies is available for the Mac (and you can afford an extra 20% for similar spec) then go with it. The OS is sweet and reliable, and the design slick.

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