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I think everybody is being pessimistic.

Unlike the once off country housing issue, where there is a clear ideological divide between elite thinking and mass thinking; there is no such divide, now, with regards to Dublin sprawl.

Nobody defends Dublin sprawl, and nobody wants the city to be twice it’s present footprint in 20 years, least of all the people living on the edge of town, like Rory W.

Ireland often succeeds in producing the best from the worst; we had to replace an horrible operator run phone system in the late seventies with the best digital system in Europe at the time. This transition won’t be as simple, but if the DTO plans work out, and DCC’s plans for the regeneration of the centre we will have a very liveable city within 20 years. If we could accelerate that, lets do it too.

Diaspora said

If 40% if semi-redundant institutional lands in the Dublin City Council area were developed for medium/high density housing it would provide 38,000 homes, he is on record as saying that the 40% to be developed should be done so along public transport corridors.

Well, yes. Lets do that. But are you sure the figures aren’t higher? I remember reading somewhere that brown field development in Dublin could release enough land for 300,000 houses.

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