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I did say that I wouldn’t have a problem with moving to Clon it is a great town but that is purely a personal impression

I wouldn’t try and force anyone to move to a place of that size. In fact as the redundance act has shown it isn’t possible to force anyone beyond a certain reasonable distance at all.

You are absolutely correct about the Government entirely jettisoning its own spatial strategy, which cost millions of €€€€’s of taxpayers money.

Dublin is in crisis not because of any over centralisation strategy it is because there never has been any strategy fully implemented.

1970 saw the Buchanan report
1985 saw the Eastern Regional Develpment Strategy (Chaired by Liam Lawlor) ERDO
1998 The Strategic Planning guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area

All of which have done little other than gather dust on a shelf while low density housing estate after estate have scaled the lower reaches of the Dublin foothills and towns such Swords, Ashbourne and Celbridge have grown into dormitories.

I wouldn’t have any problem with Cork and Galway being developed into viable urban centres with proper international air connections.

Dublin however needs its metro, second airport terminal and a lot of other public transport measures such as QBC’s etc.

Decentralisation in its current format must be abandoned along with its authors being sent to foreign provinces and back benches

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