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In it’s present form I think decentralisation should be stopped, but the problem there is that no politician will go near it again for years if it is.

Seems to have been very poorly planned with politics and not common sense playing too big a role. First they developed the spatial plan, which seemed fairly manageable if maybe a bit thinly spread out. Then with decentralisation they totally neglected their new strategy making the whole thing a bit of a farce.

IMHO large population centres should get most of the jobs, such as Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Galway, Sligo….etc.. instead they give them to places like Clonakilty, which is a very nice town but is not going to attract your average civil servant. Another recommendation was to have most of the positions near Dublin so as to avail of the airport, which seems to me to defeat the whole purpose of decentralisation, in effect creating a (bigger) Dublin sprawl. Build up the other airports??? Dublin is already at breaking point!!

Anyway they need to stop treating it as a political football and make some tough decisions because in the end it is going to be as bad for Dublin as it is for the rest of the country……………and we are already seeing plenty of examples!!

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