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I don’t know if you’re aware of this but there was a plan for lighting all the bridges for the mellenium that was to involve a “spectacular” light show that swept up and down the river every night at a pre-proggrammed time. The OPW spent a fortune bringing in a Brazilian Lighting designer to work on this. I personally spent some time bobbing about on the river demonstrating various “moving head” fixtures for him. As far as I’m aware everything was ready to go until the aformentioned designer insisted at the last minute that to properly view the show all the streetlights down either side of the river had to be doused for the duration of the “spectacular” at this point the OPW said something along the lines of “don’t be so feckin’ daft” and he said “well feck ya’s then” took his design fee and legged it (I’m paraphrasing)
This all happened at the eleventh hour, and they’d already spent a massive amount on this Brazilian dude, so they approached Philips and from what I can gather just said “listen, we’re in a jam can you just sort something out for us thats relatively quick and cheap.
Understand this is only my interpretation of the events, as relayed to me by various people that where involved.

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