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What I mean about afar is not to attach spotlights etc to major classicals merely for the effect the light creates such as streams of light cast upwards between windows etc, which disregards the building as a whole, and which often make a structure look messy and cluttered. Diffused light from a relative distance, or even close up if it is distributed well, as a general rule is more sympathetic to the architecture of such major buildings – generally, which I should have said before.

Of course it is all about considering the architecture and context, something which is never done in this country, and different treatment works for different buildings. A major gripe is that little details are often lit, but look ridiculous in the context of the whole structure. I mean the Custom House is a classic example I think where simple broad diffused light works well (albeit appallingly executed), and the silly spots casting a different colour temperature onto the pediment be done away with, they are trivial and not consistant with the lighting of the building as a whole. It’s such a shame it’s not properly lit considering the magnificent job the OPW carried out. The same goes for Leinster House and others.
In contrast, the OPW job on Govt Bldgs works well because it doesn’t indulge in such inconsistancy.
Another gem is the BOI Arts centre on Foster Place with two simple floodlights behind the twin columns, that play on their bold profiles and cast menacing shadows, simple and effective.

Detailed lighting using modern methods does of course work, but it’s being increasingly used just because it’s possible.

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